What is Psychological Assessment?

Psychological assessment (sometimes referred to as testing) can serve a number of purposes including guiding treatment such as psychotherapy or obtaining accommodations. The results obtained in testing can provide a clearer picture of a person’s strengths and needs and use these to offer specific recommendations.

Approach to Assessment

I adopt a collaborative approach to the assessment of children and adolescents. This begins with meeting with the caregiver(s) to identify the questions they have about their child. This could range from question’s about academic performance, emotional life, personal strengths, or social development. Identifying these questions will guide the selection of psychological assessments that can help to answer them. At the end of the testing process, the caregiver(s) and the child / adolescent, will receive feedback explaining the results of assessment, providing answers to the initial questions, and specific recommendations for next steps. My practice is located in Oakland, CA.

When to Seek Assessment

Many caregivers will seek assessment following the recommendation of a child’s therapist, pediatrician, or schoolteacher. Some seek assessment independently. Children tend to progress and regress throughout their development. In some cases children may have difficulty progressing in academic achievement, social relationships, play, and creativity. They may experience depression / anxiety or show signs of a learning disability or neuropsychological disorder. Assessment can offer guidance to support the child’s continued growth and flourishing.

My testing experience includes work with the following:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Tantrums and aggressive behavior
  • Neurodiversity (ADHD, autism)
  • Learning disability
  • Developmental disability
  • Impact of trauma on development
  • Peer difficulties
  • Mismatch between child and educational environment
  • Screening for additional services (neuropsychological evaluation, occupational therapy, IEP)
  • Bilingual assessment (English / Spanish)

My private practice is in Berkeley, CA and I am able to conduct therapy in English and Spanish. I am an out-of-network provider which means I am not a member of insurance panels. I can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You will want to consult with them to understand your coverage benefits and the amount your insurance will cover for out-of-network providers.